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BioTek Lionheart FX Automated Microscope

Lionheart FX Automated Microscope

  • Lionheart™ FX Automated Microscope is a compact, inclusive microscopy system for a broad range of imaging workflows.
  • It offers up to 60x air; 60x and 100x oil immersion magnification, with fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast channels for maximum application reach
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BSL 2 Culture Room

BSL2 Culture Room

  • Biosafety Level 2 tissue culture equipped with BSL2 hood, centrifuge, microscope, and many other common laboratory equipment for sterile maintenance of cell cultures.
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NCI Leica DMC4500 Microscope

Leica Microscope

  • Leica’s industrial grade microscope allow insight into the smallest details with compatibility with broad range of microscopy solution and low down time.