Kadin Kristjansson

Visiting Undergraduate Scholar

Undergraduate researcher Kadin Kristjansson

Kadin Kristjansson is St. Louis native completing summer research at WashU while attending Smith College as an undergraduate.  She expects to graduate in 2024 with a double major in chemistry and Spanish.  During the school year, she works in the Wright Lab at Smith on investigating the biochemical mechanisms of sea anemone bleaching.  Her previous lab experiences include working as a research assistant in the Self-Assembled Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory at the University of Connecticut, where she discovered her passion for nanomaterials and their application in immunoengineering.  Kadin aspires to earn a doctorate in chemistry or biochemistry and run an immunoengineering lab of her own one day.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, practicing Spanish, and preaching the superiority of pineapple on pizza.